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Eat carrots with dry winter
Carrot is a kind of rich nutrition, all appropriate plant of the old, called "little ginseng". In the carrot of the most negative great reputation composition is carotene, this is a kind
 Chocolate edible efficacy ...
 Partial fat man should eat  ...
 Eat carrots, this winter  to ...

 Soybeans and soy products   ...
Cucumber cucumber contains propyl alcohol diacid, help to curb all kinds of carbohydrates will turn into fat in the body, fat man appropriate eat more cucumber, the effect that reduce weight is good
 Drink coffee make women ...
Bai luobo white turnip contains can help digestive enzyme and can stomachic mustard oil and other material, after eating can cause fat class material better new Chen metabolism, to avoid fats in subcutaneous accumulation

The researchers to a group of more than 80 - year - old old woman on the mental age testing, the results showed that women who drink coffee from the old mind will be more intelligent.

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